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2017 Parking

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in News Letters | 0 comments

Following negative posts on MWNA’s Facebook page the following itemises the efforts MWNA have made to alleviate the situation.


JULY                Report to Council – Jane would follow up with CCN school re parking, after the holidays

AUGUST        Report to Council – to assess times of games/grades

Council Minutes – NSG in afternoons possibility

SEPTEMBER            Report to Council – Working Party of Clubs to meet 15/9

15/9 Working Party met – only 4 clubs and 4 executive members attended.

The following suggestions re parking were considered –

  • Parking in the surf club car parks and walking to the courts
  • Better use of the kiss’ drop signage and promotion.
  • Use of agreed residents’ driveways/yards
  • Parking in local high schools’ grounds
  • Extra parking behind the Creative Centre and Community Centre, corner of Abbott & Griffin roads.
  • Clubs/members better utilise car-pooling with strong promotion by clubs to reduce car usage.
  • Formalise front to kerb parking along Abbott Rd.
  • Request permission to park on the old grass Sturgess Rd/Park St netball courts.

Rearranging our timeslots was also considered –

  • Playing NetSetGo in the afternoon over four timeslots – approx. 64 courts would be available. Clubs indicated their feedback was parents reject this option.
  • With the aim of allowing longer time for cars to move in and away, starting NSG at 7.30am and allowing varying gaps between timeslots with a longer gap between the two heavy court usage morning timeslots was considered.
  • Northern Beaches Council has offered us two shuttle buses. We would need to provide the drivers. The meeting considered this offer would do little to alleviate the problem as whole families would require transport and all their arrival times would coincide.

Manly Daily article generated little response.

OCTOBER     Report to Council  – letter to Northern Beaches Council

30/10 – Timed the distance mini buses would take between mid CC parking and Park St drop off  on the south side of the lagoon.

31/10 – Exec members met with Northern Beaches Council staff – advised shuttle buses would not have turning space on the lagoon south side. Parking on old Sturgess St courts denied.

NOVEMBER  Report to Council advised the 3 alternate options attached would be voted on at November council meeting.

AGM Interested discussion was held on the proposed options for 2017 time slots in view of the reduced parking. Clubs undertook to communicate with their members

Council meeting voted on the three options between 7.45am first time slot to 3.40 last time slot and NSG in morning or afternoon. Vote was to keep the status quo.